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New issue of Mimeo Mimeo released

Just a quick note to alert readers that Kyle Schlesinger has announced the second issue of his journal  Mimeo Mimeo.  To quote Kyle: “Mimeo Mimeo is a forum for critical and cultural perspectives on artists’ books, fine press printing and the mimeograph revolution. This periodical features essays, interviews, artifacts, and reflections on the graphic, material and textual conditions of contemporary poetry and language arts.”

I’m not going to do that confusing blog thing in which I quote the entirety of the journal’s blog on my blog – hopefully this has whetted your appetite enough to simply go to the Mimeo Mimeo site where you can read all about the contents of the issue and more about the ideas behind the journal.  And most importantly – you can order a copy so you can spend your holiday pouring over it. Happy reading!

p.s.  I’m sorry to have to admit that I already have fallen down on my promise of regular columns (this has been a crazily busy couple of weeks) but I’m back now and am already half-way through my next full column (on my experience at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Fair).  Keep tuned and thanks for your patience as I get used to doing this…