About Me

Elisabeth Long, the night owl incarnate, keeps busy by day as the Co-director of the Digital Library Development Center at the University of Chicago and by night as an artist in her studio in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, beside Bubbly Creek, under the Sign of the Owl where she has a Vandercook SP-20 cylinder printing press, a Morgan sign press, and more type and cuts than she ought.  She wishes she could also count etching and offset printing among her skills but at the moment that is just wishful thinking.

Dyeing handmade paper with indigo

In the in-between hours she involves herself in various book art related activities including teaching History of the Book in the MFA Book and Paper program at Columbia College Chicago; lecturing as a visiting artist and at various book art conferences; helping to found Little Bang, a literary journal which grew out of her writing group; and now, writing this blog. She will also talk eagerly about the history of pigments, dyes, and color theory with anyone who is so inclined. Up until March of 2009 she spent a lot of her time serving as an editor, web director, and sometimes designer/producer for JAB: The Journal of Artists’ Books.  In 2007  she organized the Action/Interaction: Book/Art conference at Columbia College Chicago.